Trix Rules

Trix is a game for 4 players (no partnership) using a standard international 52-card pack. Deal and play are counter-clockwise. Game is divided into 4 “Kingdoms”. Each Kingdom consists of 5 games, and the player who “owns the kingdom” decides the sequence of the games to play.

Cards and Dealing

Each player is dealt 13 cards, and the player who is dealt the 7 of hearts will own the first kingdom. This player chooses which game will be played (see the “Games and How to Play” section below) for the first 5 rounds, the kingdom then passes to the next player and the same sequence is repeated until all 4 kingdoms are played.
The cards in each suit ranking from low to high: 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – J- Q – K – A.

Games and How to Play

  • King of Hearts
  • Queens
  • Diamonds
  • Ltoosh
  • Trix

The first 4 games are similar in concept and play style.

The dealer leads the first kingdom, and the winner of each trick leads the next. Players must follow suit if they can, and the highest card of the leading suit takes the trick.

Players must avoid taking tricks according to the game:

King of Hearts: players should avoid taking the trick that contains the King of Hearts.

Queens: players should avoid taking tricks with any queens in them.

Diamonds: players should avoid taking tricks with any diamonds cards in them.

Ltoosh: players should avoid taking any trick in general.

The fifth game, Trix, is the only non-trick-taking game. Players must try to finish their cards as quickly as possible by playing them to a layout. Each layout begins with the Jack, and continues upwards in each suit to the Ace and downwards to the two. Player must play one card when their turn comes up, allowed plays are: any jack or any card that is one rank higher or lower than a card that has already been played. Players should pass if they are unable to play.

If the game is Queens or King of Hearts, the holder of any queens or the King of Hearts can double that card by exposing it before the first trick starts. This means that when a the player takes this card, they will lose double the points, and the player who doubled it will gain the original value of it as bonus.


King of Hearts: 75 points are deducted from the player who takes the trick containing the King of Hearts.

Queens: 25 points are deducted for each queen taken in a trick.

Diamonds: 10 points are deducted for each Diamonds card taken in a trick.

Ltoosh: 15 points are deducted for each trick the player takes.

Trix: the first player to finish their cards gets 200 points, the second gets 150 points, the third gets 100 points, and the fourth gets 50 points.

At the end of the four kingdoms, the player with highest score wins!

Other Types of Trix

Trix Partner

A partnership version of Trix, this version differs from regular Trix only by teaming up players sitting opposite each other and summing up their scores as a team score.

Trix Complex

Trix Complex is the most popular type of Trix. Each kingdom consists of 2 games only: Trix and Complex. Trix rules remain unchanged and the other 4 games are played together in one round of Complex.

In Complex, the player loses points for each trick, card of Diamonds, Queen, and King of Hearts. Points are calculated in the same way as regular Trix.

Trix Complex Partner

This game is a partnership version of Trix Complex with each two players sitting opposite each other forming a team.